COMING OUT AS A PHILOSOPHER: interview on the Hypermodernity Podcast

I had the honour and pleasure of discussing my philosophical evolution and work on The Hypermodernity Podcast, episode 12, with John David Ebert, Michael Aaron Kamins, and Dom Romani:

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3 commentaires pour COMING OUT AS A PHILOSOPHER: interview on the Hypermodernity Podcast

  1. pauladkin dit :

    Fascinating discussion, thanks Terence. You’ve inspired me to look at alchemy, Jung and the Jungians again. Alchemical thinking and procedure has always been important in my own thinking and was uppermost when I wrote the novel Purgatory. Now, as I’m thinking deeply about the importance of creativity as a revolutionary force for humanity, I think I need to revise and indagate further. Thanks again.


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  3. landzek dit :

    Nice to meet you Terence ! 😄. It is good to put an actual person to the texting and the bad picture you have for your word press icon or whatever you call these things. Lol. You look much better in person then your picture that you have on WordPress. Or at least in Zoom.
    And your accent is so interesting. It’s kind of English U.K. in places,, you have some Australian kind of consonant rolloffs and vowel shapes hhere and there, and then you definitely have French so substantial there. It is nothing like I thought your voice would sound.

    And when the fuck are you going to write a goddamn book?!

    Just your experiences and how you talk about them and how you’ve written to me about them and how you incorporate them into your thoughts about philosophy and various angles and positions— are those things mixed together, just you as you are it would be such a fabulous book, so insightful, so useful and contributing to continental philosophy. Would you please start to write a fucking book?

    And it was good to listen to you talk about these things that we’ve been talking writing through the years.

    It was good to kind of put the human being to fill in the blogger.

    That’s so cool that they put you on this blog thing they got going. I am happy for you. I watched pieces of Harmons thing too but to an extent I feel like I’ve already heard what Harman has got to say, at least for now.


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