Paul Feyerabend’s posthumous PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE (published 2016) is the missing link in a decades spanning work that has principally been read as devoted to philosophy of science and epistemology. His later work can seem to be an anomaly in this regard as it deals more with questions of ontology and realism.

Feyerabend’s AGAINST METHOD is an ambiguous book from this point of view, and one tends to concentrate more on the historical and methodological accounts of the Galilean, Einsteinian, and Quantum revolutions, and less on Feyerabend’s extensive discussion of the passage from the Homeric to the Rationalist worldview.

PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE allows us to recontextualise Feyerabend’s epistemological and ontological research programme and philosophical evolution, and to see his later work, collected in CONQUEST OF ABUNDANCE as belonging to the set of broader concerns that animated his work from the beginning.

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