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NON-PATREON: de-counter-actualising the non(-Laruelle) event

I have no Patreon account but I have published a contribution to the non-market of ideas: PLURALISING LARUELLE : Non-Laruellean non-philosophy and many visions-in-ones (Agent Swarm Digital Philosophy Book 1)

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NOETIC ESTRANGEMENT: on some commonalities between science fiction and philosophy

I once argued (in a blog post published in 2014) that Science Fiction as a genre is based on a pluralist logic of noetic deterritorialisation, allowing one to privilege the themes of alterity, non-identity, difference, divergence, plurality, intensity, and becoming. … Lire la suite

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I had a strange experience today where some grumpy little micro-blogger reacted to my tweeting a link to the preceding post on my blog with this phrase: « tabloidisation of blog posting… » This is how the grump functions on twitter, proliferating … Lire la suite

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MUST WE BURN ANTI-OEDIPUS? on conceptual mutation

The conclusion of the preceding post is that Deleuze and Guattari’s « desiring-machines » are neither desiring nor machines, but noetic assemblages. I came to this idea of desiring machines as noetic assemblages from trying to reconcile Deleuze’s Capitalism and Schizophrenia phase … Lire la suite

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ENUNCIATIVE APPENDIX TO READING ANTI-OEDIPUS: from desiring machine to spiritual automaton

New questions, readings, formulations, and commentaries from contemporary readers of recent Continental Philosophy can be very interesting, and quite useful to refresh our understanding of familiar texts, not the least because they can help us not to read them too … Lire la suite

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