Deleuze as a philosopher is interested in the new and in the creation of concepts. In LOGIC OF SENSE Deleuze proposes both a new concept of logic and a new concept of sense.

This new concept of logic develops a non-standard logic that suspends or relativises some or perhaps all of the rules of classical logic. From the beginning the law of non-contradiction is set aside in the « paradox of infinite identity » of before and after.

The concept of sense, in turn, is developed outside of the familiar philosophical and logical schemas. Both logic and concept are paradox-based: sense is a paradoxical non-existent entity, requiring a paradoxical logic.

As we begin to get clear on the sense of Deleuze’s implicit logic we come to see its inevitable incompleteness. He has created the concepts necessary to a logic of sense, but necessarily in executing this task he has not created the concepts adequate to explicating the logic of that logic.

This further step is to be taken by Deleuze’s readers in their own task of creative explicitation.

Full text here.

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