LOGIC OF SENSE AND DIVERGENT DIALOGUE: the architectonic/heuristic parallax

My review of Christopher Nolan’s TENET is in part the result of my ongoing engagement with Zizek’s SEX AND THE FAILED ABSOLUTE and in part a homage to the concepts and perspective of Bernard Stiegler, but its underlying logic comes from my reading of Deleuze:

Christopher Nolan’s TENET: Absolute Knowledge as living with temporal paradox | AGENT SWARM (wordpress.com)

Kent Palmer responded to my review here:

(PDF) Philosophical Interpretation of the Film Tenet | Kent Palmer – Academia.edu

I see our two reviews as complementary. Kent Palmer’s style of thought is more architectonic, whereas my is more heuristic, but we agree that:

1) TENET lends itself to philosophical interpretation as it dramatises an ongoing contemporary meta-paradigmatic change in the images of thought and a meta-ontological change in the images of Being.

2) The Zizek-Deleuze parallax is a very fruitful heuristic device for investigation the philosophical and cultural documents that participate in that change.

3) An important part of this meta-noetic and meta-ontological change is logical, the widening of our thought-images to include modal, temporal, intuitionist, and paraconsistent logics as « ordinary » procedures of thinking and living.

4) Both of these styles (architectonic and heuristic) are useful for exploring the widest field of thought and for opening and following passages between different conceptual domains.

These shared considerations underlie our engagement in the Deleuze and Guattari Quarantine Collective @DandGqc initiative and our own ongoing series of dialogues on Deleuze’s LOGIC OF SENSE.

We have each written a preface to our meta-dialogue on LOGIC OF SENSE.

My preface can be found here:

LOGIC BY OTHER MEANS: On the Preface to LOGIC OF SENSE | AGENT SWARM (wordpress.com)

and Kent Palmer’s preface is available here:

(PDF) Logic of Sense Commentary: Preface | Kent Palmer – Academia.edu

The first steps in our conversation, setting it up as paradox-based and transversal in method, can be found here:

Dialogue on LOGIC OF SENSE (1): A Love of Paradox and Strange Loops | AGENT SWARM (wordpress.com)

A further step involves the broadening and pluralising of logic that is at work in Deleuze’s LOGIC OF SENSE:

Dialogue on LOGIC OF SENSE (2): Wild Logic and Non-Standard Negation | AGENT SWARM (wordpress.com)

Next there is the consideration of sense as the principle of variance in Deleuze’s Fregean dualisation of sense and reference:

Dialogue on LOGIC OF SENSE (3): (Un)folding the Möbius Strip | AGENT SWARM (wordpress.com)

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