I was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1954. I majored in philosophy at Sydney University, where I did postgraduate work in epistemology and the philosophy of science. I admired and was working on the pluralist thought of Paul Feyerabend and James Hillman. I then discovered the work of Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, and Jean-François Lyotard and taught myself French to be able to read their books. ANTI-OEDIPUS and RHIZOME in particular were a revelation to me. So I came to Paris in 1980 to attend their lectures, which were brilliant. I also met my wife there. After 7 years in Paris we moved South to Nice, on the French Riviera (books are fine but I also need sun and warmth!) where I studied linguistics with Jean-Claude Souesme. I obtained the agrégation (specialising in  linguistics)  and am at present an English teacher in a senior high school and at the university. I am interested in recent French philosophy under the general theme of “pluralism, individuation, and a world of becoming”, principally: Bernard Stiegler,  Gilles Deleuze, François Laruelle, Bruno Latour, Michel Onfray, but I also like Hubert Dreyfus, Stanley Cavell, and William Connolly. My favorite SF writers are Alastair Reynolds, Neal Stephenson and China Miéville, and my two favorite philosophers are Paul Feyerabend and Gilles Deleuze.

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  1. So Terry – are you married – any kids? Never mind all that frog cerebral stuffing

    How are you? here is a voice from your past

    Bill O’Toole


  2. terenceblake says:

    You’re the one hooked on cerebrality. Otherwise why would you stare at my blog, when a simple look at my facebook page would show you I am married with two lovely children: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1790229315561.2082199.1234452585&type=3
    What about you?

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  3. noir-realism says:

    Excellent! I like both Neal Stephenson and China Miéville… I’ve written on Miéville on my blog. I see you read my Whitehead essay… I’ll add your blog to my blog list and begin following and reading through some of your back log.


  4. Happy Christmas, Terence!

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  5. mark says:

    Would you be interested in co-editing a text that shows the stupidity of the SR and OOO movement?


  6. James Luchte says:

    Dear Terence,

    Just wanted to tell you that I have completely changed my mind about Philip K. Dick.

    You are right. More work on him, the better.


    James Luchte

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  7. terenceblake says:

    Glad to hear about your re-evaluation of the interest and utility of working on him. Is there any particular consideration that led you to change your mind?

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  8. James Luchte says:

    I have sent you a letter at your gmail account. Bit tricky with WordPress here…


  9. James Hider says:

    Hi Terry, given your interest in sic-fi, philosophy and the differentiation of individual and group identity, you might find this worthwhile: http://www.amazon.com/Cronix-James-Hider-ebook/dp/B00P1OHT2C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1418674563&sr=8-1&keywords=cronix
    — let me know if you’d like a free review copy, I’m on jameshider@yahoo.co.uk


  10. Sid Littlefield says:


    Thought you might like this. Springer is giving away pdf’s of some of their older books. http://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-94-011-3188-9

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  11. Hi terenceblake,

    I just wanted to comment to thank you for sharing your thoughts freely online as I find them intelligent and extremely interesting! Your writing is of a standard far above the inane shit produced by the mainstream spectacle and of a quality that puts it, in my opinion, above the majority of individual thinkers blogs.


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