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Je viens d’assister à une conférence très stimulant par Arnaud Maillet sur le cinéma et la philosophie du cinéma de Jean Epstein: ” Image ralentie, image accélérée. Réflexions des cinéastes Jean Epstein et Jean Comandon”. La pratique et la philosophie … Continue reading

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Anyone who wonders about the right way to read Deleuze, about whether we should search for system and clarity in his works, should investigate the relation between his seminars and his written works. Unfortunately we do not have transcriptions for … Continue reading

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LET NOONE IGNORANT OF STS ENTER (1): Latourology and the “dark” Latour

Bruno Latour’s anti-platonism can be seen in a recent interview, where he declares: When I talk to people, students, or colleagues, I ask myself: have they passed the test of going through the STS field or not? If not, I … Continue reading

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TRANSVALUE DELEUZE: an ongoing project

There have recently been a number of attempts to re-write recent intellectual history in order to promote a supposedly new school of theory that aims to liquidate the heritage of “post-structuralist” thought. Combining a rhetoric of renewed speculation with an … Continue reading

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LECTURES À VENIR: reading next


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Leon Niemoczynski’s new book SPECULATIVE REALISM: AN EPITOME is an important contribution to the task of gaining a real understanding of the recent developments in Continental Philosophy on the subject of Speculative Realism. The book examines the nature of the … Continue reading

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LARUELLE’S BLINDSPOTS: Deleuze on style, heuristics, and the topography of thought

Laruelle has classified Deleuze’s thought within the category of the “philosophies of difference” and has further criticised it as remaining within the confines of the principle of philosophical sufficiency. This claim may be plausible applied to DIFFERENCE AND REPETITION, but … Continue reading

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