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EXCITING IDEAS VS PROFITABLE STORIES: some notes on a text by Lester Del Rey

The recent boom of science fiction and fantasy franchises has led to a rise of spectacular effects to the detriment of intellectual content. The eyes are solicited more than the brain, and the excitement of speculative content is increasingly subordinated … Lire la suite

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AVENGERS ENDCRY CAMEOGAME: the dis-infinity saga

1) STRUCTURE: BLOAT AND MAWK AVENGERS ENDGAME is a disappointing film due to a certain number of structural flaws. Most notably, we may cite its length (the film is too long for the story it tells), its pacing (the story … Lire la suite

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Reading WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY? (18): LEARN SPIRITS (Deleuze and Derrida II)

Deleuze and Guattari are not writing their book WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY? out of old age as an empirical reality, but in relation to the spectre of old age, which can sometimes and in certain cases accord a « moment of grace … Lire la suite

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Reading WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY? (17): Spectres and Personae (Deleuze and Derrida)

We are attempting to read Deleuze and Guattari’s WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY? as it asks to be read, concretely, as a text about philosophy as mode of existence. Concretely, that is to say: in dramatised untimely terms of place, time, characters, … Lire la suite

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FROM CRITICAL DEBATE TO POSTCRITICAL EXCHANGE: the encounter between Zizek and Peterson

Are we in an era of postcritique? If so, what does this mean for discussion between different points of view and for the political imagination of another future? Are we condemned to a democratic relativism where everyone is right and … Lire la suite

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DU DEBAT CRITIQUE A L’ECHANGE POSTCRITIQUE: Zizek et Peterson se rencontrent

Sommes-nous dans une ère de la postcritique? Si oui, qu’est-ce que cela veut dire pour la discussion entre points de vue différents et pour l’imagination politique d’un futur autre? Sommes-nous condamnés au relativisme démocratique où tout le monde a raison … Lire la suite

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UN PLURALISTE NIÇOIS: Patrice Maniglier et l’héritage du structuralisme

Patrice Maniglier a échangé autour de son nouveau livre « La philosophie qui se fait« . Il a parlé des inspirations du livre: le structuralisme, le réalisme spéculatif, et le retour de la métaphysique après la régression humaniste, ou plutôt le retour … Lire la suite

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