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No Poiesis Without Autopoeisis

I have been frequenting two blogs for some time now, Larval Subjects and All Things Shining, and the question arises for me of the relation between them, between their respective philosophical understandings. The relation is clear in terms of my … Lire la suite

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Faith in the masses

Ever vigilant, dmf calls for historical analysis to warrant the « faith in the masses » that Rancière invokes and Levi Bryant espouses. I can only wholeheartedly agree to the need for such empirical research, while avowing my ignorance. I can however … Lire la suite

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Radical Egalitarianism

Levi Bryant was kind enough to continue his reflection on Rancière’s book ALTHUSSER’S LESSON while referencing my previous post. In appearance he is talking about Marxism, but he is clear that he considers that the ethical (or ethico-political) core of … Lire la suite

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Levi Bryant has posted a thought-provoking review of the recent English translation of Rancière’s classic dismantling of the Althusserian system here. I add here some personal observations and reflections. DOGMA I was educated in philosophy in the Department of General … Lire la suite

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New book out by Laruelle: Anti-Badiou

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Levi Bryant’s book available

Levi Bryant, who authors the very stimulating blog Larval Subjects has made his new book THE DEMOCRACY OF OBJECTS available online. See here. I hope to comment soon.

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Intellectual Biography 2

In a prior post, to contextualise my responses to, and dissatisfactions with, the ATS project I gave a rapid sketch of part of my intellectual development, concentrating on those aspects that are convergent with ATS concerns: pluralist ontology, primacy of … Lire la suite

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