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CONTEMPORARY PLURALISM: Dreyfus and Kelly, Feyerabend, Rorty, Deleuze, Laruelle vs OOO

This is an attempt at synthesising various discussions of pluralist ideas: Advertisements

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This is an updated version of my review of Paul Feyerabend’s Stories from Paolino’s Tapes Private Recordings 1984-1993

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Très intéressante réflexion par Didier Moulinier. Ma question sera: y a-t-il une convergence possible entre cette pensée qui affirme “la dualité unilatérale du Christ Futur et du Christ-monde” et la pensée de Bruno Latour qui annonce le retour de l’Anthropos … Continue reading

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HARMAN AS POST-BADIOUSIAN EPIGONE: Review of Mehdi Belhaj Kacem’s “Lettre à Tristan Garcia”

My review of Mehdi Belhaj Kacem’s “Lettre à Tristan Garcia”: It can also be found on my page, here. A revised and extended French version has been published in a special issue of PHILOSOPHIQUE devoted to Mehdi Belhaj Kacem.

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Talking about his evolution from Philosophy II to Philosophy III: “If I is intra-philosophical and II marks the discovery of the non-philosophical to the benefit of science, III frees itself from the authority of science, i.e. in reality from any … Continue reading

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At the end of Bruno Latour’s fourth lecture there was a very interesting question proposing that a better name for the present epoch would be the “Christocene” rather than the Anthropocene. This is a good question given the persistence of … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Critical Fantasies:
A direct engagement in a response that Tim Morton made to my projected stress onto him about James Lovelock’s Gaia Theory and the imminent collapse of the biosphere: — The positive and negative feedback loops…

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