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LARUELLE AND WAVE ABSOLUTISM: against quantum integrism

We have seen in many posts on this blog (e.g. here) that François Laruelle’s non-standard philosophy represents a significant advance over the naive absolutism that characterises “sufficient” philosophies, including Graham Harman’s idealist object-oriented philosophy and the diverse forms of scientism. … Continue reading

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VIEWS OF A GLIMPSE (2): Realist Reprise and Platonic Recall

Stephen Mumford’s GLIMPSE OF LIGHT bears the Cartesian subtitle New Meditations on First Philosophy. In a reprise of Descartes’ MEDITATIONS ON FIRST PHILOSOPHY the book is organised in seven chapters comprising six “Meditations” and a seventh chapter “Objections and Replies”. … Continue reading

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VIEWS OF A GLIMPSE (1): On Stephen Mumford’s philo-fiction

I am reading Stephen Mumford’s recently published novel GLIMPSE OF LIGHT: NEW MEDITATIONS ON FIRST PHILOSOPHY, and I will be live-blogging my impressions here. So far I have read the first two chapters. The book is well-written and clear, both … Continue reading

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POST-ALTHUSSERIAN WITHDRAWAL: OOO and dtermination in the last instance

I have described François Laruelle’s non-philosophy as a particular variant of post-Althusserian thought maintaining intact key Althusserian notions such as the distinction between the real object and the theoretical object, and determination in the last instance. Graham Harman’s OOO is … Continue reading

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