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Continental Naturalism and the Deconstruction of Scientism

Interesting discussion going on at AUFS blog on scientism and critiques of continental philosophy. Contrary to the stereotype that continental philosophy is bogged down in commentary on texts whereas natural science (and science-influenced philosophy, it is insinuated) explains the world, … Lire la suite

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Very interesting post by Adam Kotsko on the delusions of scientism.

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THE MOTH WARS: Naturalism is not Scientism

Levi Bryant has now seen fit to give a lesson in logic to those who would critique his recent posts on naturalism. Emboldened by this fidelity to argumentation, I would like to recall his original pronouncements and then compare it … Lire la suite

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AGAINST METAPHYSICAL NATURALISM: On Levi Bryant’s Naturalist Conversion

1) Bruno Latour against Levi Bryant’s synchronic materialism In his new book ENQUÊTE SUR LES MODES D’EXISTENCE, Bruno Latour talks about the “institution” of matter, a horrible simplification of the diverse materials put into play in our practices. This leads … Lire la suite

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Steve Fuller has condemned the continuing narcissism of naturalism on the simple ground that many of our most important scientific theories were created by people whose motivation was not naturalistic but religious, mystical, or hermetic. The paradox is that naturalism … Lire la suite

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THE DEMOCRACY OF LIGHT: Feyerabend’s Stories of Immanence

This is my review of Feyerabend’s STORIES FROM PAOLINO’S TAPES

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