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FEYERABEND, LYOTARD, AND POSTMODERNISM (2): the “end” of philosophy?

“Does Feyerabend believe in the end of philosophy, as some postmoderns do? (This question was posed by Ian James Kidd on his facebook page). This question is more complex than it seems, given that the relevant philosophers did not use … Continue reading

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FEYERABEND, LYOTARD, AND POSTMODERNISM (1): ambiguities and convergences

“Is Feyerabend post-modern?” I think this constitutes a bad question, given that the term “post-modern” itself is quite ambiguous. However, Feyerabend frequently emphasised the importance and inevitability of ambiguity, declaring that the awareness of and ability to work with ambiguity … Continue reading

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Graham Harman’s object-oriented philosophy is globally a regression compared to the post-structuralism that it purports to go beyond, but it does contain certain progressive elements. In particular its anti-scientism and its anti-literalism. The striking failure of Peter Wolfendale’s much vaunted … Continue reading

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HAPPINESS IN BADIOU: four philosophical affects

Badiou talks of joy, happiness, and beatitude in various places, so one is entitled to wonder what difference, if any, exists between these concepts. As Badiou is using these terms in his recent book “Métaphysique du bonheur réel” (2015), “happiness” … Continue reading

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One can get a very useful overview of the difference between Alain Badiou’s and Graham Harman’s philosophies by comparing the diagrammes of their philosophies (cf. Badiou’s diagramme and Harman’s diagramme). There is a radical incompatibility between the two philosophies on … Continue reading

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BADIOU’S DIAGRAMME: evental emergence vs objectal withdrawal

Alain Badiou has published in the 100th issue (June 2016) of PHILOSOPHIE MAGAZINE a summary of his philosophy in the form of a diagramme and a three page commentary. It is interesting to examine it in the light of Badiou’s … Continue reading

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LARUELLE AND GENERICITY: the problem of scientism and of religionism

If a sympathetic reader of Laruelle has never noticed or been disturbed by the sense of infallible uniqueness emanating from his writing then I think they may be mistaking his many declarations of principle for real practice. Laruelle often invokes … Continue reading

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