DE-FREEZE DELEUZE: the philosopher you love is also your trauma

My last post is part of my ongoing attempt to de-freeze my image of Deleuze, to relate to him as a source of inspiration rather than an object of study. I attended his seminar during six years, it was an amazing experience. But I don’t want to remain fixated on a dead past.

The post is also a compressed summary of my 5 years of blogging about philosophy. I have translated and contextualised much work in French that is not available in English. Is that bad? To see some people’s callous condemnation it would seem so.

I have engaged passionately with the material and expressed myself unreservedly. Thanks to my blog people can get a good idea of many recent philosophical publications and public seminars in France.

Yet I have received mostly dirty blows, silence, and contempt during that time. That is sad, but beside the point. Listen to these thinkers talk, read their books, think about what they say, and it will transform your vision of things.

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3 Responses to DE-FREEZE DELEUZE: the philosopher you love is also your trauma

  1. Ah a good thing.I feel validated when this happens to me and it does all the time. And I am not even close to your level of contemplation. Thank you and don’t pay attention to them. They are all careerist academics.

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  3. That’s the Internet for you: haters are going to hate. All criticism is worth listening to but at some point you have to just leave the nay-sayers to their existence and move on. One lesson from Deleuze that I would be happy to freeze and frame on a wall, over a mantle or however one preserves the work of a great individual from the past. I won’t be reading Dark Deleuze for some time but with all of these Dark Realisms and institutional Marxists on one side and disenchanted spite-filled disrupters on the more mainstream level, I wonder how much of Deleuze’s thought should be frozen and taught to the young intellectuals looking for new modes of thought.

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