Very useful draft translation of the first part of the section on “Philo-Fiction” in Laruelle’s PHILOSOPHIE NON-STANDARD.


I’ve transcribed and translated the first section on philo-fiction in Philosophie Non-Standard (pp. 91-4). It is the last section of “Pour Entrer dans la Matrice” and comes after an introduction to non-philosophy which serves as a propaedeutic for the rest of the book. I’ll have to translate the rest of the chapter eventually since he provides a more patient and didactic exposition here than in some of his other works. It covers many of the terms that make regular appearances without much in the way of definition or exposition such as “forcing” and his proprietary use of Marxist terminology.

I specifically wanted to tackle the issue of philo-fiction since I see it in tension with some of his recent work on gnosticism (this section also has the advantage of being short). They ultimately espouse the same thing–a non-standard or heretical philosophy–and condone a kind of rigorous or axiomized pluralism but the roundabout way…

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