Badiou’s THE IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS: contents

Thanks to François Nicolas we have a working idea of Badiou’s forthcoming book, the third volume of « BEING AND EVENT » entitled THE IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS. My translation:

A. General Introduction

  1. Speculative Strategy
  2. Immanence, finitude, infinity
  3. The absolute ontological referent
  4. The two possible readings of this book

B. Prologue. Formal Presentation of the absolute location

C. Section I. The classical forms of finitude

C1. Destinies of finitude

S1. Modern finitude on trial: René Char

C2. The four types of finitude

S2. The localisation of the infinite in Victor Hugo

C3. The operators of finitude: 1. Identity

S3. Impersonality according to Emily Dickinson

C4. The operators of finitude: 2. Repetition

S4. Paul Celan: the work and the ordeal of masked repetitions

C5. The operators of finitude: 3. Evil

S5. Mandelstam in Voronezh: Make no concession to Evil. Neither plaint nor fear

C6. The operators of finitude: 4. Necessity and God

S6. The poems of Alberto Caiero. Bare being. Neither God, nor interpretation, nor necessity

C7. The operators of finitude. 5.Death

S7. A poem by Brecht. The unknown: death and identity, or life and universality

D. Section II. Modernity of finitude: covering

C8. Phenomenology of covering

S8. Uncovering of the covering of an infinite

C9: Ontology of covering

S9. Formal presentation of the constructible universe

C10. A crucial choice: constructible or generic

S10. Gödel or Cohen

E. Section III. Sovereignty of the infinite

C11. The four modes of access to the infinite

C12.Inaccessible infinites

S12.The matheme of the inaccessible

C13.Infinites of resistance to division

S13.Matheme of partitions: compact and Ramsey infinites

C14. The infinite by immanent magnitude of its parts

F. SECTION IV: Adjacent to the absolute

C15. On what conditions can classes express the absolute location?

S15. Technical conditions for classes to resemble V

[Note: « V » or the von Neumann universe is the class of hereditary well-founded sets]

C16. Closer and closer to the absolute?

S16. Elementary embedding, critical point, complete cardinal

C17. Explicit relation between the absolute location and one of its immanent attributes

S17. Construction of an internal model of V by ultrapower

G. Section V. Conditions for a defeat of covering

C18. Limits of modern finitude under the condition of an infinite. Scott’s Theorem.

S18. Infinites in the finite, infinites outside any finite. Demonstration of Scott’s theorem.

C19. Ontological conditions of any creative initiative. Jensen’s Theorem.

S19. Jensen’s Theorem. Apparent simplicity and real confusion of finitude

H. Section VI. Parmenides’ Revenge

C20. The hierarchy of infinites

S20. Differences, orders and limits in the realm of infinites

C21. End without end

S21. Kunen’s Theorem, and beyond

I. Section VII. Works according to the object: science, art

C22. General theory of works-in-truth

S22.Plato, Descartes, Hegel

C23. Power of the form: the arts

S23. Can the arts be classified?: Hegel and the cinema

C24.Power of the letter: the sciences

S24. Husserl: « our mother the Earth is immobile »

J. Section VIII. Works according to becoming: love, politics

C25. The scene of the Two

S25.Kierkegaard, Auguste Comte, Régine, and Clotilde de Vaux

C26. The two ways, the two classes, and the two lines

S26. For a cultural revolution of politics

K. General Conclusion: Immanent infinity of true life

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